Agony Grind

Agony Grind, Sterling Forest (3/23/2008)

This out-and-back traverses the AT in Sterling Forest, climbing two peaks, the first being the Agony Grind, and then Arden Mountain (with a summit of 1,180 feet). There is no parking on Route 17, at the point where the AT crosses, so we parked in the Elk Pen off Arden Valley Road and walked the 0.3 miles to the start of the climb. Total distance covered was 3.2 miles.
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Heading west on Arden Valley Road; Agony Grind in rear

Southbound side of NY Thruway

AT sign with Sterling Forest distances

View SE

Gigantic rock overhang


Start of steep ascent of Agony Grind

NY Thruway through trees

Route 17

More climbing

And still more climbing

And more!

View south of Route 17 and Harriman

NY Thruway and Harriman

Route 17 below

Taking a breather [photo by Laura]

Rock scramble to Arden Mountain


Lots of climbing

Reading the AT check-in book

View west from Arden Mountain peak

Towers to the west

View north; undulating Catskills on horizon

Closer view of the Catskills

View north

Damned tree hugger! [photo by Laura]

Super macro shot of ice crystals

Heading back

We have to do this all again in reverse? [photo by Laura]

Brush near the peak

Harriman mountains in the rear



Start of the Sapphire trail (next time!)

Another tree hugger!

Macro shot of moss

Back to Agony Grind

Careful footing on descent

This is from where I took the previous photo [photo by Laura]

All downhill from here ...

Arden Valley Road over NY Thruway (see last two photos)

Giant rock formations

Arden Valley Road bridge

Agony Grind from Arden Valley Road bridge

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