Palisades - Alpine, NJ

The Palisades - Alpine, NJ (11/15/2009)
This is the Hike of the Week for 5/29/2003 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website. This hike has everything, though it also has one major drawback: the constant sound of traffic from the Palisades Interstate Parkway, which the trail follows very closely at times during the first half of this hike. But the pluses far outweigh this one minus. This hike has ruins, lots of them, including one of the best preserved ruins I have ever encountered in New Jersey, the ruins of the 1911 Zabriskie estate known as Cliff Dale.

There are also spectacular views (and lots of them) from the cliffs of the Palisades, looking down onto the Hudson and the Alpine Boat Basin far below. The second half is a very enjoyable river-level ramble along the Hudson which ends at the Alpine Boat Basin where one is now treated to views of the awesome Palisades far above. It's easy to identify where I was standing earlier during the hike while looking down. Finally, the hike has history, passing the Kearney House which is the oldest house in the park.

Total distance hiked today was about 5.9 miles in about 3.5 hours.

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The trail head

Tunnel under the road

[Photo by Laura]

Tunnel under the PIP

Sweeping view north

Alpine Boat Basin below

NY across the Hudson


Alpine Boat Basin

Downy woodpecker

Ruins overlooking the river

Mansion ruins along the way

One of the many mansions ...

... destroyed by the Park Commission

Fall foliage

Cliff Dale ruins

This was just the garage!

Climbing to second floor

The second floor of the garage

View to the Hudson

First floor of the garage

Out back

Cliff Dale

Columns in the back

View from the roof

Dan on the roof [photo by Laura]

Giant leaf

Fence at Alpine Lookout

View south from Alpine Lookout

These cost 25 cents!

Another hiker at a lookout

View south

Sweet gum leaves

Fall colors

More fall colors

Sweeping view north


Graffiti's down there!

Close-up of ship in river

At the lookout

View north

Laura on the lookout

Big ship docked on NY side

View of Yonkers, NY

Water drops

More sweet gum blooms ...

... on Huyler's Landing Trail

Bicyclist on Henry Hudson Drive

View south from the bank

View north from jetty

The shore of the Hudson


[Photo by Laura]

Ferry boat

A rubber plant?

Steps on the Shore Path

Shells on the shore

Huge boulders

Hudson mallards

Laura looking for shells

Bank of the Hudson

View north

Carved graffiti


Very old fence

Plaque for John Jordan

Factory in NY

Laura taking a rest


George Washington Bridge on horizon

The Palisades

A bit south

A bit north

Elaborate water fountain

Alpine Boat Basin

Kearney House

Kearney House porch

Old Alpine trail marker

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