Amazon Rainforest - Day 1

Day 1, Amazon Rainforest, near Puerto Maldonado, Perú (5/14/2012)

In early May of 2012 we spent two weeks in the incredibly beautiful country of Perú. One of the highlights was our three-day stay in the remote lodge Posada Amazonas in the Amazon Rainforest. The rain poured down for a good part of the time, so the photos from the several hikes we did are a bit limited in spots. But after our four-day hike of the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, the gentle slow pace of the jungle was a welcome diversion. And we got to see plenty of wildlife, some of which I was able to photograph.

To get to the lodge from Machu Picchu we took Perú Rail from Aguas Calientes to Poroy, got a car to Cusco then flew from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. We then took a boat up the Rio Tambopata for at least an hour. No roads lead to the lodge, only boats. This added to the sense of isolation and serenity. The lodge has an extensive network of hiking trails and we probably hiked all of them during our three-day stay. On Day 1, after checking into our room, which only had three walls since it was wide open to the jungle (!) we headed to the Canopy Tower and from the top got a nice glimpse of the vast extent of the rainforest. We also watched a group of 6-7 howler monkeys in a distant tree, but thanks to my 35x optical zoom, I got some nice photos.

Total distance hiked today was maybe 3 miles in about 2 hours.

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Rio Tambopata

Do I look like Charlie Allnut?

Boats on Rio Tambopata

Rickshaw and jumbo jet

On the boat

Muddy boot rack at boat launch

In the rainforest!


New Jersey plants ...

... don't look like this!

Typical trail sign

Arriving at lodge

It was very nice

Common area

Our room - note the jungle

Resting after Inka Trail

Our shower

This huge dung beetle was in it!

Wood mural

It's raining now

This is not a lean-to, it's a walking tree!


Howler monkey family

Misty in the rainforest

It's green forever

The monkeys are in that tree

Crowded at the top of tower


Rio Tambopata from tower

Howler daddy resting

Now baring teeth!


View down

Love the trees!

Stormy sky

The rains held off

The howler monkey family


Beautiful hawk

Loud parrots

The 120-foot tall canopy tower

Our room at night

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