Amazon Rainforest - Day 3

Day 3, Amazon Rainforest, near Puerto Maldonado, Perú (5/16/2012)

[For an introduction to the rainforest, see Day 1.]

Today, our last day in the rainforest, was once again filled with lots of activities. Right after breakfast we headed into the forest in the pouring rain and did the 3.5-hour ceiba trail hike to the tip of the preserve to visit the giant ceiba tree (they're also known as Kapoks or Silk Cotton Trees). Photos can't capture the incredible grandness of this tree, but I tried. Thankfully the rain eventually stopped about half-way through the hike and I was able to take some photos, including a photo of a huge tarantula that our awesome guide Luis coaxed out of its hole.

After lunch we boarded a boat and headed to a jungle farm in the area known as "Infierno" (or Hell). There the farmer and guides introduced us to the many crops they grow there and the ways they harvest the crop. Night fell by the time we got back to the lodge.

Total distance hiked today was maybe 6-7 miles total in about 4 hours.

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The awesome Luis

Chicken tarantula



Army ants

Approaching the ...

... giant ceiba tree


Wellingtons came in handy

Wild turkey




Giant leaf (see my boot)

Howler ...

... monkeys

Various ...

... photos of ...

... Saddleback Tamarins


Back to the boat

Jungle farm


Laura with machete

Papaya trees

Banana trees

Luis cutting banana



Farm owner


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