Apshawa Preserve, Southern
This lollipop hike begins on the White trail at the Northwood Drive parking lot. Take the White trail to the Butler Reservoir, making a left on the Red trail and proceeding past the dam, crossing the brook. Continue following the Red trail after the brook and then make a left on the Green trail. The trail ascends the mountain offering views looking towards Route 23. Eventually the Green trail ends at the White trail where a right turn takes you back to the parking area.

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Display at the Northwood Drive parking lot

White trailhead

Rocks off White trail

Some very slippery climbs

And very slippery descents


Thousands of tiny ice bugs


View west from the White trail

Butler Reservoir from White trail


An icy Butler Reservoir

Beeches still have color

Beeches [Photo by Laura]

Restoring a cairn

Huge blow-down on Green trail

Tiny ice bugs were all over!

Animal fur

View NW from Green trail

View from Green trail


The only way to travel

A crushed, blazed tree

Waterfall on the Green trail

Giant containers on Green trail

Big enough to live in

Abandonded stone hut

Used for water flouridation?

[Photo by Laura]

Stone huts

Dam waterfall

Dam on Green trail

View at top of dam

Spider on the snow [Photo by Laura]

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