Baileytown, Harriman State Park (12/20/2010)

Today we headed to Silvermine Lake to do a lollipop hike I put together that visits the Bailey family cememtery on the unblazed Baileytown Road. Nearly half of today's hike was on unblazed trails or woods roads. The rest was on ground we covered in June of last year. The snow was still on the trails of Harriman this morning which allowed us to see the longest extent of bear prints we have ever seen. On Baileytown road we saw at least a half-mile of bear tracks going in both directions. Luckily all we saw were the prints. The other highlight was the Bailey Cemetery, a sweet little family burial ground of no more than 4 or 5 gravestones from the Lewis and Bailey families, who lived on opposite ends of Nawahunta Road (a good part of which is now blazed as the Menomine trail).

From the Silvermine Lake parking area, take the Menomine trail west. The blazed trail crosses Seven Lakes Drive and then continues on the aforementioned Nawahunta Road until the blazed trail ends at the Long Path. Going left leads to Hippo Rock while going right leads to the Stockbridge Shelter. We visited both places last year. So this time we went straight. It wasn't blazed but the path was very easy to follow. It ends at Baileytown Road, also unblazed, but also easy to follow. We first turned left and headed to the park boundary at a gate for the Harriman estate. On the other side of the gate the road continues to a network of roads which lead to the famous Arden House. Alas, it's all private property beyond the gate so we turned back and headed NE on Baileytown Road, visiting the cemetery on the way. After the first building for Camp Lanowa we found the trace of another unmarked trail heading SE. We took this uphill to the Stockbridge Cave Shelter, a wonderful, warm little alcove carved into the side of a huge boulder. We then continued SE on the unblazed trail (this part was a bit trickier to follow) and eventually reached the Menomine trail. We turned left here taking the lollipop stick back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 5.3 miles, in 3.25 hours.

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Abandoned Silvermine ski slopes

An icy parking lot

Picnic area west of lot

Heading west on Menomine

Abandoned ski slope parking lot

Lovely pine needle blanket

Abandoned parking lot through trees


Lewis gravestone

Ice on Menomine trail

Lake Nawahunta


Lewis family home cellar hole ...

... overlooking Lake Nawahunta

Beautiful pines line the bank

Crossing an outlet stream [photo by Laura]

Pines on northern bank


Ascending Stockbridge Mtn

Creek crossing

Snowy trail

Cairn at LP intersection

View of Hippo Rock on LP to the west

Continuing on Nawahunta Road

Bear tracks on Baileytown Road

Loads of them!

[Photo by Laura]

Gate to Harriman property

Laura's foot near bear print

Nawahunta & Baileytown intersection

View south from Baileytown Road

Baileytwon Cemetery

Stone of George W. Bailey

Headstone separated from base

Deyo Montonyo

View east

Baileytown Road from cemetery

Heading NE on Baileytown Road

View east to Stockbridge Shelter

Berrys on Baileytown

Approaching Camp Lanowa

Camp Lanowa building

Entrance road

Vague trail heading east

Climbing unmarked trail

Look at that ice!

Blazes painted over

Ice in stream

Woodpecker hotel

View from inside Stockbridge Cave shelter

Sitting on trunk chairs

Inside the cave shelter

Fireplace in back

View from inside

Wider view

Fireplace chimney


A few cairns marked the descent

Green on Menomine

Laura at the end


Back to Lake Nawahunta

Creek crossing


Crossing Seven Lakes Drive

Icy parking lot

Silvermine Lake & Black Mountain

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