Bearfort Mountain North

Bearfort Mountain (north of Stephens Road), Wawayanda State Park (2/11/2012)

Last week we hiked Bearfort Mountain south of Stephens Road in West Milford, NJ. Today we returned to hike a loop of exactly the same length on Bearfort Mountain north of Stephens Road. The other difference this week was that nearly the entire hike was during a wonderful light snow which made the entire forest appear as if someone had sprinkled powdered sugar all over it. Yum ... powdered sugar.

Like last week, we parked in Pequannock watershed parking area P8 and walked west through the gate, beginning a steady climb up the closed part of Stephens Road. We then headed north on the blue-blazed Spring North trail all the way to its end 2 miles later. About 1 mile in, however, we noticed a nicely defined spur trail heading east and marked with beautiful cairns. We followed it for a few tenths of a mile but stopped when it began to descend sharply. Had there not been low-hanging clouds we would have gotten some nice views. But not today. At the end of the Spring North trail we encountered a wonderful swampy area with two beaver lodges. Their intricate dam extended quite a ways around the swamp flooding out part of the trail. We had to walk on the dam for a bit at one point. At the end of blue, we continued south on the red-blazed Terrace Pond Red trail back to Stephens Road which we took east back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 4.3 miles, in 3 hours.

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At parking area P8

Pine Ridge Equestrian Center

Closed part of ...

Stephens Road [photo by Laura]

Last week's trail head

Spring North trail head




Woods road wall

Mine on hill

Mine close-up

Descending from mine

Climbing in snow

Gorgeous views of ...

... semi-frozen lake ...

... off trail [photo by Laura]

View east

View north

Rocky stretch

Mountain Laurel

[Photo by Laura]



Fire ring?

Rock lichen and snow

Cairns on ...

... spur to the east

Partial views through trees

Sun struggling to come out

Clouds obstruct the view

Woodpecker work

Oily reflections

Interesting rock marks

Colorful oil

Huge glacial errata

Erratic toomfoolery [photo by Laura]

A snowy path

Nice boulder on blue

Steep descent here ...

... to a swamp

Beaver lodge in swamp

Path along swamp

Beaver dam

Trail flooded here

Walking on dam

Intersection with Terrace Pond Red

South on Terrace Pond Red

Red blaze reflection

Slippery stones

Rhododendron overhang

[Photo by Laura]


[Photo by Laura]

Beautiful views ...

... of a snowy ...

... Terrace Pond ...

... Red trail


Winter color

Pine cones

Tiny sprouts

Snow fleas!


Beautiful narrow stretch

End of Red trail

Stephens Road closed west of here

House and farm on Stephens Road

Are they serious?

Privately owned?

Fire Tower West trail head

Stephens Road

Mini Palisades


Riding lessons

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