Bellvale Mountain

Bellvale Mountain, Appalachian Trail (5/26/2007)

This out-and-back is half of the shuttle hike featured in the Hike of the Week for 5/25/2007 from the NYNJTC site. Photos from the second part of this hike (Indian Park to Greenwood Lake Marina) can be found here.
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We're heading for Georgia

Man-made boundary walls

Narrow trail on Mt. Peter

Beautiful natural wall

Looking north


Woodpecker hotel

Makeshift shelter


Viewpoint atop Village Vista trail

View NE

Steep drop

View east of Greenwood Lake village

View SE

View east


Caterpillars on cairn

First view of Greenwood Lake


Tricky descent

A breather


Fire damage

Brook bed

Lots of pines on this part


Glowing ferns

Another cairn

Lots of ups and downs


Cairn atop Bellvale Mountain


Greenwood Lake looking south

Fox Island in Greenwood Lake

Interesting spider

Lovely geology

Ladder helps a very steep descent

Big rat snake on path

The photographer is nuts

Buddha on Bellvale Mountain

A happy AT


Boat on Greenwood Lake


View west on Bellvale Mountain


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