Black Mountain

Black Mountain, Harriman State Park (8/9/2008)

This is the Hike of the Week for 5/9/2008 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.

Briefly the 7.5-mile circuit hike begins in the SE corner of the southern parking area of the Anthony Wayne recreation area (exit 17 off the Palisades Interstate Parkway). Start by heading south on the Bike Trail at the kiosk. Make a right on the AT, where the remainder of the first half will occur. There is a crossing (on the AT, on foot) of the Palisades Interstate Parkway, so be careful! At the William Brien Memorial shelter, make a left on the yellow-blazed Menomine trail. Take this to its intersection with the Red Cross trail. Eventually this trail crosses the Palisades Interstate Parkway (this crossing is even trickier because it's difficult to see the southbound cars coming). Make a left on the 1779 trail, which eventually co-mingles with the Bike Trail. When the 1779 trail branches off to the left, continue on the Bike Trail and then stay left on the Bike Trail at another fork. After crossing the AT, the part you hiked at the beginning takes you back to your car.

It took us just over 4 hours. The most strenuous part is the steady climb up Black Mountain during the first half. But the views of the Hudson and surrounding areas is worth the climb.

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A piny trailhead

Intended for those standing on their heads

Regal pines

Mushrooms were all over

Small brook off Bike trail


One of several bridges on Bike trail

Intersection with AT

Bridge tomfoolery, over Beechy Bottom Brook

Palisades Interstate crossing

AT registry on island in middle of Parkway

A ferny AT

Steady climb of Black Mountain

Wildflowers on ridge

AT&T towers to south

Hudson River to SE

Manhattan skyline

View SW

Two vultures roosting

View of West Mountain

Immature blueberries

Perkins Tower on Bear Mountain

Steep descent at one point

First glimpse of Silvermine Lake

Silvermine Lake [photo by Laura]

Silvermine Lake

Abandoned boundary walls


On Letterrock Mountain

Rock tomfoolery [photo by Laura]

At the William Brien shelter

Beautiful mushroom

And another

Amorous insects

Bridge on Red Cross trail

More mushrooms

Mushroom tomfoolery

Stream crossing


And more mushrooms!

Blueberry fields forever (Big Bog Mountain)

Palisades Parkway crossing on Red Cross trail

Stone bridge on 1779 trail

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