Black Rock Forest

Black Rock Forest (4/29/2006)

This is the Hike of the Week for 7/15/2005 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.
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Mine Hill trail

Catskills on horizon


Downy Juneberry

Sutherland Pond from Split Rock


Black Rock Forest fire tower


Sutherland Pond swamp


Split Rock trail

Sutherland Pond from abandoned mine

Inside abandoned mine

Sutherland Pond


Sutherland Pond swamp


On Eagle Cliff

Wilkins Pond from Eagle Cliff


Wilkins Pond

Jim's Pond from Eagle Cliff


On Spy Rock

Red-tailed Hawk

Fire tower from Spy Rock

Continental Road

At Chatfield Stone House

Stones of Chatfield Stone House

Chatfield Stone House

Kitchen protuberance under chimney

The oak of White Oak Road

Remains of Beattie cabin (Sackett trail)

Schunemunk Mountain

Moodna Viaduct


Schunemunk Mountain & Moodna Viaduct

Schunemunk's High Knob

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