Black Rock Forest Peaks

Black Rock Forest Peaks (5/14/2006)
This follows much of the Hike of the Week for 2/24/2006 that appeared in The Bergen Record online, but with the addition of climbs up Rattlesnake Hill, Hill of Pines and Mt. Misery, and without the climb up Whitehorse Mountain.
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Reservoir Trail

Baby chimpmunk

Ongoing forest research

Black Rock Hollow Trail

Red eft


One of many labeled trees


Ascending Black Rock

Highest point in forest


Black Rock Forest fire tower

View of Hudson looking north

Schunemunk & Moodna Viaduct

Newburgh Beacon Bridge


Storm King through trees

Stewart International Airport

Steep descent on Black Rock


The white oak of White Oak Road


Arthur's Pond


Tower Vue Trail

Arthur's Pond from Tower Vue Trail

Baby red eft

Baby red eft

Lunch on Rattlesnake Hill

Bog Meadow Pond


Ascending Hill of Pines

Peak of Hill of Pines

Descending Hill of Pines


Red eft

On Mt. Misery

Descending Mt. Misery

Bridge off Reservoir Road

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