Black River WMA

Black River WMA (7/24/2010)

It was another scorcher in New Jersey today (with temperatures topping above 100 F), so while we decided to hit the trails, we hid under the cover of trees, with an almost guaranteed level path, by doing another rail trail. It's hike #3 ("Black River WMA Trail") in the book 24 Great Rail-Trails of New Jersey and was one of the most remote rail trails we have done, without a single road crossing and just minor signs of civilization at the end.

We started early, at 8:45 AM when it was still only in the high 80s and finished by 11:45 AM, with temperatures in the low 90s. Total distance hiked was 7.2 miles in 3 hours.

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Trailhead on Pleasant Hill Road

Tiny trail wildflower

Car remains

Very sandy path here

Swamp near Black River



Christmas ornaments!

Tiny trail mushrooms

Patriot's Path blaze


Sphagnum moss



Black swallowtail

Field of wildflowers

Giant blow-down

Farm implement?

[Photo by Laura]

Very green path




Plenty of shade

Wooden bridge

Northeastern end

Backyard trampoline

Lower view of bridge

Dwarfed by trees

Twisted branches

Power line cut

In cut looking north


Garter snake


View across river

Giant mushrooms

Muddy section

Another swallowtail

Back to the Christmas tree

And its decorations

Swamp wildflowers


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