D & R Canal: East Millstone to Blackwells Mills

D & R Canal State Park, East Millstone to Blackwells Mills (Christmas, 2012)

Merry Christmas! Today we headed south for some Christmas festivities, so of course we fit in another segment of the D & R Canal, New Jersey's narrowest park. This time we parked on Amwell Road in East Millstone (as we did earlier this month) and headed to Bordentown, walking the lovely towpath to Blackwells Mills. For December, then, we have walked the 13.2-mile stretch from the New Brunswick end of the canal to Blackwells Mills (twice, of course). And yes, I do keep track of this sort of thing. I'm an engineer, for goodness sakes. Ironically, my friend Andy and I padded today's segment (twice) back in August, 2010. Needless to say, with the difference in perspective and season, I hardly recognized it!

Total distance covered was 4.5 miles in an hour and 45 minutes.

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Bundled up in East Millstone

Towpath & Amwell Road

Informational sign

Buildings in East Millstone

Heading south

Franklin Inn

[Photo by Laura]


Rain drops

20 miles to Bordentown

Weird growth

Mallard couple

Red-tailed hawk

Swamp in powerline cut

View south



Sandy damage

Curious blaze

Squirrel picking berries

"Walking" the dogs

Old blow-down trunk

Horse shoe prints

Blackwells Mills Canal House

Winter forest west

Swamp west

Red barn east

Approaching Blackwells Mills

Blackwell Road bridge

Canal view north

Bridge surface

Blackwells Mills Canal House

Front porch


Oven bulge


View inside

Bridge Tender's station


Canal view south

Blackwell Road bridge

What are those thorns?

More dog "walking"


Canada geese

View north

Lost glove far in the thicket

Poison ivy "shawl"


Heading back to ...

... East Millstone

Franklin Inn

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