Board & Bear Mountains

Board & Bear Mountains, Highlands Trail (8/4/2007)

This 5-mile out-and-back hike is the first half of hike #25 ("Board Mountain Through Hike") from the book Hiking the Jersey Highlands (1st edition). The hike described in that book requires two cars. With one car, the hike can be broken into two halves. Doing so requires doing the given half twice (out and back).
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Trail head at White Road

Garter snake on Connector trail

He was a bit pugnacious

Humidity in the air

Sluggish slug


Frog mostly submerged

Dragonfly on Highlands trail

View of Monksville Reservoir from Board Mountain

Spider dragging something in its web

Descending Board

Hawk feather

Tiny toad

Tiny toad

Stonetown Circular blaze

View west from Bear Mountain

Wanaque Reservoir from Bear Mountain


Red eft

Our lunch spot



View west from Bear Mountain

Windbeam Mountain and house on Windbeam Lane

Interesting Stonetown Circular blaze


Tiny mushrooms on log

Return view of Monksville Reservoir from Board

Monksville Dam

Greenwood Lake Turnpike from Board

Steep descent down Board


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