Boonton Falls

Boonton Falls, Boonton, New Jersey (2/6/2010)

It snowed heavily today in parts of New Jersey. Southern New Jersey received nearly two feet in many spots and there were blizzard warnings posted for the Jersey shore. (As an aside, Washington, D.C. got its biggest storm since 1922 and as of 3 PM it was still coming down.) But there was such wide variability that not a single flake fell in parts of Northern NJ. So we took the opportunity to drive the merely-wet roads to Booton Falls, less than 20 minutes from home, a natural attraction we had never seen previously, despite visiting Boonton countless times, mostly to eat at Chili Willie's.

We couldn't have picked a better day! The falls, dubbed Boonton's Little Niagra, were roaring, and half of it was frozen in gorgeous patterns that photographs could hardly capture. This trek was wonderful! Not only did we see the Rockaway River raging, but we saw Washington Rock (once a tourist attraction), and ruins from the famed Boonton Ironworks, including blast furnaces, an abandonded railway bridge, and a railroad turntable that was used to turn the trains.

After following, for the most part, this hike description, we drove to a site of the Morris Canal and walked a short loop along the towpath before returning to our car parked in a lot on North Main Street. Total distance covered today was 2.5 miles with lots of exploring.

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Marker for Grace Lord Park

The gazebo

Rockaway River from gazebo

Those cliffs are slippery too!

Water spilling over the dam

View of water spill

Stone bridge over Rockaway River

Tiny Laura in Washington Rock


Laura is dwarfed by ...

... Washington Rock ...

... once an Indian shelter

Gorgeous ice patterns

An ice toothbrush!

Laura on the bridge

Old stone walls

Furnaces (?) from ironworks

Inside one

Looking out

Piece of basalt

[Photo by Laura]

Laura near the pit

Huge piece of basalt

Looking towards the old ironworks

An old brick

Remains of blast tower?

Facade of old ironworks building


Heading east down river

Boonton through the trees

Interesting trail "blaze"

View of railroad bridge

Now defunct

We thought about crossing it

But it was a bit slippery

Abandoned RR turntable

[Photo by Laura]

The raging Rockaway River

Plaque on bridge: 1866

Now heading up river to the falls

The falls ... see Laura?

Part of it is frozen

Lots of mist here

Laura and the falls

It was roaring!

Ice sculptures across the river

Close-up of the falls

View down river from falls

Another view of the falls

Icicles like fringe

View down river

There were several of these

View towards the falls ...

... from here [photo by Laura]

View down river

Laura on bridge taking ...

... this photo [by Laura]

Old water fountain

On towpath of Morris Canal

Rockaway River looking upstream

Towpath separates canal and river

Canal marker


Canadian geese ... one feeding

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