Branch Brook Park

Branch Brook Park (4/7/2017)

At least ten years ago, when Laura's mom was still alive, the three of us went to see the blooming cherry blossoms in this world-famous park. I read somewhere that there are more cherry trees here than in Washington, D.C. We returned today, a bit early for peak bloom (that won't come in another week or two), but the following day was the beginning of the Cherry Bloom Festival, so we weren't that early. The last time we were here, we parked, walked about 20 minutes, taking pictures, then left. This time we were able to hike a complete loop of the park.

We parked at the Cherry Bloom Welcome Center (in the northern part), and headed south, past the Althea Gibson Tennis Center, crossing Heller Parkway, then continued on the eastern side heading south, crossing Bloomfield Avenue, before doing the final loop in the southern part (walking under Park Avenue about halfway). We then headed back on opposite sides, not repeating anything the entire way. You can see our track here.

Total distance hiked today was about 5.4 miles in 2 hours.

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