New Jersey Brigade Trail

New Jersey Brigade Trail, Jockey Hollow (1/1/2008)

This out-and-back (which is approximately 5 miles long) follows the New Jersey Brigade trail in the Morristown National Historical Park from the Jockey Hollow Area to the New Jersey Brigade Area and then back. After parking in the main lot at the visitor's center near the Wick House, we took the Mendham Road trail south, making a right onto the Grand Loop trail. After crossing Tempe Wick Road, we continued on the NJ Brigade Trail heading southwest, crossing the Passaic River on a bridge and then turning back after we reached a Passaic River tributary near Hardscrabble Road. There are some nice climbs on this trail, so you'll get a nice workout. Alas, there are no views. For a trail map of the NJ Brigade Area, click here.
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Mendham Road trail

Beautiful old growth tree

Sink hole on the Grand Loop trail

Grand Loop and Patriot's Path coincide

Small stream just south of Tempe Wick Road


Horse trail blaze

Nice climbs on this trail

And tall trees

[Photo by Laura]

Bridge over Passaic River

Passaic River looking south

Damned tree hugger! [Photo by Laura]



Brigade area exhibits (we turned back here)


Passaic River

Black lichen

Photographing black lichen [Photo by Laura]

Warm late afternoon hue

Beautiful colors

The only "view" on this trail


Blaze-eating tree!

Very distinct rings

Margetts Field plaque on Blue Mill Road

Hawk ...

... on telephone pole

... on our street!

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