Buck Mountain

Buck Mountain, Adirondacks (6/15/2011)

This was the third of four wonderful hikes we did during a five-day stay in Lake George in the Adirondacks of New York State. We stayed at the Lake George Bed & Breakfast, a lovely B&B just a block north of the lake. Hostess Marilyn (the sweetest hostess ever) made scrumptious breakfasts for her guests every day. It was terrific.

Today we climbed Buck Mountain, which overlooks Lake George from the east. This is Hike #26 ("Buck Mountain") in the book Hiking in the Adirondacks (1st edition). With an elevation gain of 2000 feet, this is one of the steepest hikes in the Lake George area, and perhaps the tallest peak overlooking the lake. But the 3.3 miles of constant uphill hiking rewarded us with spectacular views of Lake George to the west and views of the mountains of Vermont to the east. We could see the regal Sagamore Hotel jutting out into the lake. Ironically we hurried back down the mountain so that we could catch the 2:30 PM Mohican cruise around the lake (offered only once per day this time of year). While on that cruise the captain pointed out Buck Mountain, now looming far above us, as we passed the Sagamore. Within a window of just a couple of hours we were at the top looking down, and then at the bottom looking up! Furthermore, the next day (when we climbed Sleeping Beauty Mountain) from the top we spied the Mohican turning near the Sagamore once again, and you can see it in the photos for that hike.

Total distance travelled today was 6.6 miles in 3.5 hours.

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Signing in

2000 ft! What the?

Starting the gradual climb



Long uphill stretch

Nothing but up


Stream crossing

Small waterfall off trail

Tiny eft


Huge tree roots

A wet, rocky uphill path


Chipmunk eating

Mushrooms on log

Partial views through trees

Interesting insect

Swallowtail eating

Approaching the first view


View of Lake George

Long Island in Lake George

More climbing

View to Vermont

Crossett Pond southwest


Laura and ...

... Lake George

Cairns to the summit

Summit marker

Expansive view west to lake

Sagamore Hotel far below


Popular peak

Tongue Mountain range NW


[Photo by Laura]

Heading back down

[Photo by Laura]

Steep in spots

Beauty and the feces

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