Bull Hill

Bull Hill & Little Stony Point, Hudson Highlands (4/2/2006)

This is the Hike of the Week for 5/20/2005 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website, with an additional 30-minute visit to Little Stony Point.
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Washburn trailhead

Tugboat on Hudson

Abandoned Hudson River Stone Corporation quarry

Pipes from quarry



View of Hudson looking south

Village of Cold Spring

Constitution Island & West Point


West Point Military Academy

Dan & Storm King Mountain

Train below Crow's Nest Mountain

Climbing Bull Hill


Manhattan skyline

Constitution Island, West Point

Bear Mountain Bridge, 9 miles away


Constitution Marsh

Red-tailed hawk

Parsva utthita padangusthasana


Bull Hill geodetic survey reference

Newburgh Beacon Bridge, Catskills on horizon

Hudson looking north

South Beacon Mountain fire tower

Nelsonville trail makers

On Notch Trail

Early spring bee

Blooming Birches


Shagbark Hickory

Abandoned Cornish Dairy Farm

Inside dairy building

Milking stations?

Stone arch


Breakneck Pond

On Brook Trail

Cistern at abandoned Cornish estate

Hikers on Breakneck Ridge

Abandoned mansion of Edward G. Cornish


Storm King Mountain


Tunnel at Breakneck Point

Bannerman Castle

Storm King from Little Stony Point

Breakneck Ridge from Little Stony Point

Another view of Storm King

Looking south from Little Stony Point

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