Campgaw Mountain Reservation
This is the Hike of the Week for 12/30/2005 as described on the NYNJTC website. The last time we hiked Campgaw was nearly four years ago and as you can see by comparing the photos from back then, much more of the ski lift has been dismantled; for instance, all of the seats are now gone. This hike climbs Campgaw Mountain via the Indian trail but after first circling Fyke Pond where we spotted a few turtles sunning themselves on rocks.

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Trail head near parking lot

Powerline cut looking south

Fyke Pond from eastern bank

Turtles sunning

A muddy Hemlock trail


Pond filter (?) at northern tip

Fyke Pond from northern tip

Walk-way on road/dam



Fyke Pond from western bank


Mushroom graffiti!

Tree graffiti

Turtles sunning


So green

At an intersection


No skiers either

Ski lift cable

Cable and wheel

Disc golf goal

Nice ascent on Campgaw


View north

View east

On top of Campgaw

Ski lifts

Seats are now all gone

Giant wheel

Dan on wheel [photo by Laura]


Boundary walls

Another disc golf goal

Old Cedar trail

Blaze on skinny sapling


Abandoned snowmaker

On Rocky Ridge trail

[photo by Laura]


Descent on Rocky Ridge trail

Remains of an old bobsled

Skunk cabbage in swamp

Park building near end

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