Cannonball Eight

Cannonball "8", Ramapo Mountain State Forest (2/5/2006)

This "figure 8" hike is my own invention. Start at the southern end of the Cannonball Trail, heading north around the western and northern sides of Ramapo Lake. Make a right onto the MacEvoy Trail and hike along the eastern side of the lake. Next, make a left onto the Hoeferlin Trail, taking this trail all the way back to the South Ridge Trail and finally back to the Cannonball to its southern end. This moderately strenuous hike covers 6.5 miles in just over 3 hours.
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Cannonball Trail marking

Stubborn leaves of the Beech

Animal fur!


A very wet Cannonball Trail


Turkey vulture

American flag in hiker's bridge

Hiker's bridge over Interstate 287


First view of Ramapo Lake



View from MacEvoy Trail


Hoeferlin Trail

Ramapo Lake from Hoeferlin Trail



Interstate 287 from Hoeferlin Trail



South Ridge Trail

Unhappy hiker?

Footbridge to nowhere ...

Southern end of Cannonball

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