Cape May Point
This is Hike #50 ("Cape May Point") in the book Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (2009), but with an extra bit of backtracking and regrouping, due to the fact that an area covered by the hike was closed due to endangered bird nesting. This is a beautiful spot, and the furthest south that you can hike in New Jersey. The day was very hot and humid, but there was virtually no elevation gain. On the other hand there also wasn't much shade, so be prepared if you're hiking this on a sunny day like we did!

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In the parking lot

Egrets in ...

... Shallow Pond West

Zoom to the lighthouse

Beautiful herons and reflections

Start of trail


Boardwalk ...

... through swamp

East Lighthouse Pond

Bird blind

Great blue heron

Red-winged Blackbird

Some shade!

Bees emerging from holes in the ground!


Now trail is dirt

WW II bunker from trail

Cat tails and lighthouse

Lovely shaded path


Viewing platform

Wildflowers on trail





Area closed off

Swan and ibises

Egret and ducks

Lighthouse and Shallow Pond East

Another area closed

Bank Swallow

Abandoned bunker on beach

Informative sign

Atlantic Ocean


Side view of bunker

Shallow Pond West

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