Carris Hill

Carris Hill, Norvin Green State Forest (10/19/2013)

We returned to Norvin Green for a second week in a row to hike (or re-hike, since we previously hiked nearly all of the trails in this gorgeous area) Carris Hill and to enjoy its sweeping views. Wow, we thought last week's view of the Wanaque Reservoir from High Point was spectacular. It was, but the expansive view from Carris Hill was even better, certainly one of the great views in New Jersey. And the fall colors were much closer to peak this weekend. It's still a week or so shy of peak. Hopefully the leaves will stay on the trees for another couple of weeks.

Once again we used the map on page 2 of this brochure from the NYNJTC (which is also available at the kiosk at the parking area), this time parking at the southern trailhead of the yellow-blazed Wyanokie Crest trail. We took this trail north to the blue-blazed Hewitt-Butler (HB) trail, which we took east. We continued east on the white-blazed Posts Brook trail until we reached the yellow-blazed Carris Hill trail which we took climbing and climbing and climbing to the many fine views. Next we headed south on the HB and then back to the car on the Wyanokie Crest trail.

Total distance hiked today was just over 4 miles in almost 3.5 hours. That's a slow pace, but this was for two reasons: there is some serious climbing, and second, the views are just too magnificent to breeze past.

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Fall foliage ...

... on the ...

... Wyanokie Crest trail

Yellow blaze among yellow


Intense color in spots

Interesting water lines

Mostly dry brook

[Photo by Laura]

Still lots ...

... of green ...

... on the HB trail

Sandy blow-downs

Another mostly dry brook

Gorgeous leaf carpet

Chikahoki Falls

Burst of orange

View up

On Posts Brook trail

Male Cardinal

Waves of grass

Fall ferns

Climbing ...

... and climbing ...

... on Carris Hill trail ...

... the first view

Antenna in distance

Gorgeous color


Second viewpoint

Taking a break

View to Lake Iosco


Steep rock face

[Photo by Laura]

Low-hanging hornest's nest

More climbing

Breathtaking views ...

... of Wanaque Reservoir

Northern tip of reservoir

View south


Another breather

Wonderful color

Zoom to reservoir

Green Swamp Dam

[Photo by Laura]

Wanaque Reservoir

More views from ...

... Carris Hill trail

Colors ...

... off the ridge

Interesting glacial erratic

That's us! [photo by some guy]

Very cool erratic!

A bit more climbing

Narrow lane

Fall blueberry bushes

Another cool erratic

View west

Huge quartz vein

Whale back

Multi-colored leaves

Color on ...

... HB trail

Mountain laurel thicket

Steep descent ...

... on HB

Gorgeous ...

... leaf carpet ...

... at bottom


Three-trunk bridge

[Photo by Laura]



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