Carson Road Woods

Carson Road Woods (6/12/2016)

This is the second of two areas we visited today in Central New Jersey. It's a beautiful area with trails that skirt meadows, farm fields, streams and that travel through deep forest (at times you'll be bending down to get through some of the growth).

Using this map, we parked in the lot (big enough for at least ten cars) at the western end of Carson Road and hiked a path too complicated to describe here. We covered the vast majority of trails in the beautiful area, lovingly-maintained by the non-profit Friends of Carson Woods Roads. It reminded me of the Pole Farm and of Duke Farms, though with far fewer people (in fact, we only saw one person on a bike the entire time we were there). One of the highlights were the hundreds of bails of hay throughout, including a long line of at least a hundred in the field to the northwest.

Total distance hiked was just over 4 miles in exactly two hours. Our path can be seen here.

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