Cattus Island County Park
This was one of the most enjoyable hikes we've done in quite some time. Reading the description for hike #42 ("Cattus Island") in 50 Hikes in New Jersey (3rd edition), I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The hike described covered only 3 miles in a park that was about 90 minutes south of us by car. But after inspecting the park's trail map, it became obvious that there were plenty more trails to be hiked, if we wanted. The area was so lovely and varied that we ended up hiking not only the entire hike #42 as described (which is basically the Island Loop with the addition of a 0.6 out-and-back to the northern tip), but also the entire Hidden Beach Loop, the entire Yellowbank Trail, and large portions of the Maritime Forest Loop. Total distance covered was just over 7 miles in just over 4 hours (there were lots of stops for photos and nature viewing).

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Entrance sign

Cooper Environmental Center

Snake inside the center


Stuffed birds


Beautiful salt marshes


Unused osprey nest platform

Near old boathouse site

Jet ski in Silver Bay


Observation blind

Piney path

Holly tree leaves

Mating dragonflies

Houses in Silverton

Path to northern tip


View west over marsh


Egret in flight


Osprey in nest platform

Beach near Hidden Beach Loop


Boardwalk on ...

... Hidden Beach Loop

Narrow path through reeds


Sea bird in flight

View of Silver Bay


Thomas A. Mathis & J. Stanley Tunney bridges


Overgrown boardwalk


Ospreys in their nest

Boats near beach


Plane pulling lottery ad

Mighty pines

Near old farmhouse site

Observation blind

Osprey in nest

Two osprey nest platforms

US Navy plane

Wild flowers

Boardwalk on Yellowbank trail

Observation blind

[Photo by Laura]

Another US military plane

Beach west of Crossway Creek


Yellowbank trail skirts the water

County boat dock

Canadian geese at dock

Boardwalk growth

Beautiful winding boardwalk

Drowned trees off Maritime Forest Loop


Wild flowers ...

... outside Cooper Environmental Center


Bumble bee and lady bug at work


Dragonfly on Maritime Forest Loop

Marsh from boardwalk

Osprey ...

... flying above nest

Two ospreys

Observation blind

Two ospreys roosting

Osprey landing

Big kid

Another big kid [Photo by Laura]

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