Cedar Point Lighthouse
This was the second of five hikes we did on the southern fork of Long Island the week of April 2. It's Hike #18 ("Cedar Point Lighthouse") in the book Best Easy Day Hikes Long Island, a nice little book although the latitude and longitude of the trail head are completely wrong (they put you about 0.6 miles away from the trail head on a comnpletely different road). However, the parking spot indicated on the book's map is very accurate. The area is also covered in the book Trail Guide to the Southern Fork, as well as in the book Hiking Long Island, another terrific book of the area.

The highlight of today's hike was the 1-mile jaunt along the narrow peninsula with Sag Harbor Bay on our left and Gardiner's Bay on our right, to the abandoned and entirely enchanting lighthouse. The wind was blowing about 30 MPH at us as we headed west to the lighthouse. And I nearly got blown off the lighthouse platform at one point! Suffice it to say, the return was much more pleasant!

Total distance hiked today was about 6 miles in about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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Trail head

Trail is ...

... beach sand

Curious deer

Yellow triangle blazes

First view ...

... of the Gardiner's Bay


View west

View east [photo by Laura]

Keep off the bluffs

Mini dunes

Barricades along the way

Gardiner's Bay

[Photo by Laura]


Some dunes are crumbling

Line of trees

A small dusting


Trail borders ...

... the bay

On the beach heading west

View east

First glimpse of lighthouse

Water on both sides

Wildlife watching station

Happy seagull

A very windy beach

Some vegetation

Gorgeous patterns in beach

Seagull standing guard

Zillions of shells on beach

Osprey platform

Heading west into the wind

Snail inside shell



Side view

A bit rusty

Tower near lighthouse

Caddy corner view

View to western tip

Ascending the steps

On the base

It was windy!

Osprey nest atop platform

See Laura?

You can donate!

Zillions of shells

Drill marks

Rear view

Last look back

Gulls and Gardiner's Island in rear

No cars? Darn!

Gardiner's Island beyond


Beautiful stones

View east

Cute lone plover


Back on park road

Through camping area

Boat on bank of ...

... Alewife Pond

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