Chimney Rock Park

Chimney Rock Park & Washington Valley Park (9/21/2013)

This is the third time in six weeks that we hiked this rugged area in Somerset county, New Jersey. Previously we hiked the western-most part, then the eastern-most part. Today we returned to hike some of the middle. And there are still trails here we haven't yet covered so I'm sure we'll be returning again.

We parked in the large parking lot for Chimney Rock Park on Chimney Rock Road and started by taking the trail behind the left field bleachers. You can see this trail on this JORBA map. After entering the woods we took the trail east, did the loop north of East Branch Middle Brook and then continued south on Orange along the reservoir, visiting Buttermilk Falls once again, though this time from the western side. It was our intent to continue southwest on Orange, then north until we got to Chimney Rock Road and then walk the road back to the car. But we ended up taking a spur to a lookout point over Chimney Rock Road and the very busy quarry just across the street (that spur is not on the JORBA map but can be seen on the official park map). We then headed northeast within the small network of Orange (as can be seen on the map) and eventually heading back to Brown which we took back to the car.

We kept it short today, so the total distance was about 3.2 miles in just under 2.5 hours.

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Paved path along left field line

Tiny bridge crossing in woods

[Photo by Laura]

Another bridge

Herd of deer

Beautiful petrified trees


Old culvert

Stairs back to park

Sturdy bridge over Middle Brook

Middle Brook

Fall is on the way

Bridge yoga

On the ...

... Brown loop

Muddy bike tracks

Pointing to ...

... a downy woodpecker


Gorgeous greens

Above Mill Brook

At level of Mill Brook

Old rusty tank

Mill Brook

Good! We didn't make wrong turn!

Mill Brook

Gilbride Road bridge in distance


Crossing Gilbride Road

A jagged Orange trail

Middle Brook ...

... from Orange



Rocky path heading south

Crossway over ...

... East Branch Reservoir

Huge spikes hold it together

Buttermilk Falls

Colors are changing

Wildflowers above falls

Lower cascade

Zoom view

Downstream view

Buttermilk Falls

View of quarry

Climbing on Orange

Zoom to Chimney Rock & Hawk Watch


Quarry across ...

... Chimney Rock Road

Cough, cough

Canada geese over quarry

Cough, cough

View south


Old maker off Orange

Lovely narrow path

Huge blow-down

Gilbride Road crossing

Middle Brook

Frisbee goif

Frisbee golf course

Taking stairs back

Grassy frisbee golf course

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