Claudius Smith's Den

Claudius Smith's Den, Harriman State Park (8/19/2007)

This is West Hudson Hike #8 ("Claudius Smith's Dean") from the book Take a Hike: New York City (1st edition).
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Red eft

Blue Disc trail head

On the Kakiat trail

Derelict car

Ramapo-Dunderberg trail


NY Thruway

Talking sirsasana

Tuxedo, NY


Construction near intersection with Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy trail

View west of construction swath



Black Ash Swamp

Climbing Pound Mountain on Blue Disc trail

View north


Near our lunch spot

Above Claudius Smith's Den

View west


Ascending to the den

Entrance to Elbow Brush

Elbow Brush

Elbow Brush

Same construction further east


Ascent to Almost Perpendicular

Reeves Meadow Visitor Center from Almost Perpendicular

View south

Descending Almost Perpendicular

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