Clyde Potts Reservoir

Clyde Potts Reservoir, Mendham, NJ (9/10/2011)

Menham isn't very far from us, and the hiking areas are easily reached by beautiful backroads, so we decided to head back there for the second consecutive hike and the third in as many weeks. Only a fraction of this out-and-back is in Menham, the vast majority being under the jurisdiction of Randolph Township. Using this map, we parked at the Calais Road trailhead in Menham (enough for 3-4 cars), headed north to Old Brookside Road where we had a sip of water before heading back south.

This map of the Randolph Township trail network gives more context to the area. The trail we hiked today was mostly gravel, old broken road, and newly paved surface. It was more a woods walk than a hike (we saw joggers and several folks walking their dogs). There were no views, no rock scrambles, no ponds or lakes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, since it requires us to look elsewhere. And no doubt, there is beauty all around. Finally, while the trail traverses land of the Clyde Potts Reservoir, it doesn't actually visit the reservoir. It appears that Patriot's Path will eventually visit the reservoir or that it already does, depending on what map you trust.

Total distance hiked today was just over 5 miles in under 2.5 hours.

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Calais Road trailhead

Begins at Patriot's Path connector trail

Who left this here?

Beautiful old growth

Wet, broken asphalt path

Birch saplings



Hurricane Irene blow-down

Gorgeous ferns abound

View to Randolph!

View to Mendham!

A bit of flooding

Intersection with Patriot's Path

Marker for reservoir land

Termites on a tree trunk

Heading east on PP

Access road to the reservoir?

Huge pit (from mining?)

Asphalt alternates with gravel

Bench on PP

Remnants from industry



Cool mushrooms!

Two roads diverged in a wood

Wildflowers in telephone line cut

What is it?

Gate at Old Brookside Road

View in

Old drum


Boundary wall on PP

Neighboring tool shed


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