Cold Brook Preserve

Cold Brook Preserve (5/7/2011)

After undergoing inguinal hernia surgery just ten days ago, I wasn't sure how long I'd be out of commission. The surgeon told me to take it easy for six weeks (no climbing, no weight bearing). Last weekend, just days after surgery and still feeling very sore, I had no interest in going outside. But this past week I started feeling much better and my hankering for the trails came back big-time.

This sweet little sanctuary was just what the doctor ordered. It's only 30 minutes away, it's mostly level (except for some gentle undulations), and the trails are configured so that adding more and more onto a hike, or simply bailing, is very much possible. So today we headed here and by following this map, we hiked 3.5 miles in just over two hours covering the majority of paths in the preserve. We saw plenty of birds, thousands of tadpoles (I can't imagine how many frogs will be here in a month), a rabbit and a wily coyote that evaded my camera (the second time in a month). And spring is in the air! And it felt great! Achoo!

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In the large parking area

Curious rabbit

Neighboring barns

Heading into the preserve

I'm back! [photo by Laura]

Mansion on the hill

Walking between corn fields

But no corn yet


Farm south

Rolling hills east

The undulating path

Farm house south

Mansion on the hill


Trail blazes

Mallards in the pond

Esatern bluebird is chased away by ...

... a Red-winged blackbird



Canada geese

Gorgeous trees blooming


Loads of tadpoles

Gray catbird?

Honeysuckle (and my honey)

Discarded corn cobs in field

View looking east

Gorgeous moth

Baltimore Oriole

Turkey vulture

Cold Brook?

Well, it's a brook anyway

Yellow trail

[photo by Laura]

Yellow trail passes through woods

Horseshoe prints

Blooming dogwood above Laura


On the Yellow trail

Dogwood flowers

[photo by Laura]

On the Red trail

Heading back to a farm field

Laura on the border

Perimeter of farm land



Not sure what this is

Poor dead field mouse

Heading SW

View of silo east


More wildflowers

Stream crossing

Laura on the pipe

Look how green it is!

Metal piece of something or other

Red-tailed hawk

Farm buildings west

Fence with silo to the west

Modern type of silo

Heading SE along fence

Barns west

View NW


Dramatic sky

Tree swallow

Preserve kiosk

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