Conklin & Diamond Mountains

Conklin & Diamond Mountains, Harriman State Park (12/4/2010)

This is a lollipop hike (with a very short stick) of my own invention comprised completely of Harriman paths we haven't previously hiked, nearly half on unblazed woods roads, with a handful of exploratory out-and-back spurs.

From the Lake Sebago boat launch we crossed Seven Lakes Drive and headed south up Seven Hills trail climbing immediately. We made a left on the Buck trail, a lovely trail filled with Mountain Laurel that traverses Conklin Mountain. We took this east to its end at an inviting intersection with woods roads going in three directions. We took the road to the far right, referred to as Pine Meadow Road West on the Southern Harriman Bear Mountain Trails Map 118 (13th edition), a wonderfully isolated woods road (in very good shape) which skirts the western bank of Lake Wanoksink from high above for at least a mile.

Along this road we saw interesting foundation ruins from an camp through a laurel thicket at the western intersection with another woods road. Then we continued southwest to where the PMRW crosses (on a sturdy marble bridge) a swamp stream formed from run-off from what I believe is a dam near the SW part of that Lake Wanoksink (you can get a glimpse of one of the waterfalls near this inaccessible spot in one of the photos). This is one of the most beautiful spots of the entire hike.

We then backtracked north to the previous intersection and turned west on another woods road (not labeled on the map) and took that shortly uphill to the Seven Hills trail on Diamond Hill. We made a left on that trail and headed west to a beautiful viewpoint overlooking Lake Sebago to the north. After enjoying the view we turned around and took the Seven Hills trail all the way back to the car. Along the way we found more ruins, this time of what appeard to be a furnace still in good condition, on a small trail not on the map. We also visited Monitor Rock, a huge quartz boulder just off the trail, and enjoyed the beautiful cascades of Diamond Creek.

Total distance hiked today was 6.3 miles, with lots of exploring, in just over 4 hours.

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Lake Sebago boat launch

Lady of the lake

Lake Sebago

Seven Hills trail head


Bush frost

Lots of climbing here

Leveling off on Buck trail


Glacial erratic on Buck trail

Partial view to Lake Sebago

Gorgeous Mountain Laurel

Another erratic

Log bridges ...

... over several creeks

More mountain laurel

Pine Meadow Road West

Still in good condition

Swamp east of road

Heading SW, swamp on left

Dan rocking out [Photo by Laura]

Swamp north of lake

Thin ice

Road foundation

Laura found this off the road

Small whaleback below road

Popeye Laura

View of Lake Wanoksink

Lake Wanoksink

Heading west adjacent to lake

Lake Wanoksink

Very rocky ...

... in parts

Lake Wanoksink

Infrequent PIPC blaze

[Photo by Laura]

Old camp ...

... foundation

Camp pole in foundation

Swamp west of Lake Wanoksink

More ice!

Laura on stone bridge

Gorgeous clear water!

Swamp with phragmites

On bridge NE

Looking SE

Waterfall below lake dam

Old gate post on second woods road

Loads of acorns on trail

Heading up unnamed woods road ...

... to intersection with Seven Hills trail

West on Seven Hills trail

Opening views on Diamond Mountain

View of Lake Sebago ...

... from Diamond Mountain

[Photo by Laura]

Zoom in on Lake Sebago

Whaleback on Diamond Mountain

View north

Giant glacial erratic

North of Monitor Rock

Furnace (?) off unmarked path near Monitor Rock

Still in ...

... pretty good condition

View from the top

[Photo by Laura]

View of brickwork inside

Icicles at Monitor Rock

View from within Monitor Rock

Laura at Monitor Rock

Another view

Cascades of ...

... Diamond Creek

[Photo by Laura]

More views ...

... of Diamond Brook ...

... cascades

Blaze of the Seven Hills trail

Heading downhill

Seasonal views east

A rocky descent

Trail head at Seven Lakes Drive

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