Cranberry Lake Preserve
This is the Hike of the Week for 2/25/2005 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website, but with a very important addition which happened to be the highlight of the outing: a one-mile side trip to the abandoned quarry. Stone from this quarry was used to build the nearby Kensico Dam in the early 20th century. The preserve contains remains from that era, as well as a beautiful natural lake created by a glacier 18,000 years ago. According to the terrific book Walkable Westchester there are about seven miles of trails within the preserve's 190 acres. This morning we covered four miles in just over two hours.

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At the preserve's northern tip

Outside the Nature Center

Heading to the lake

Boardwalk on the lake bank


First glimpse of Cranberry Lake

Cranberry Lake


Nearby water bird

[photo by Laura]


View from western bank

Boundary wall



On Bent Bridge

[photo by Laura]


Inside the root cellar

[photo by Laura]

View from root cellar

Root cellar


South Pond

100-year old wall

NYC watershed land is on other side


Still in terrific condition

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

Exposed roots

Walking on stump slices

1912 wall of crusher facility

Hook in wall

Observation platform ...

... with view over South Pond

Windy boardwalk

Plants in South Pond

Quarry sign at cascade

First view of quarry

Quarry pond

Trail within quarry

Rock striations

Drill hole

Pond from quarry ledge

Climbing quarry ledge


Drill holes

Derrick anchor

Laura and Derrick anchor

View west

Derrick anchor

View south

Looking south from ledge

[photo by Laura]


Remains near quarry

Old trash

Stone cutting shed ...

... foundation remains

Graffiti from 1968

Small twig tent

Lunch at the Nature Center

Old photo of quarry

Road back to car

More remains near car

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