Crater Lake

Crater Lake, Delaware Water Gap (1/19/2008)

A closed road forced us to regroup. We had planned on starting a lollipop from the AT where it crosses Blue Mountain Lakes Road in the DWG area. We planned on heading NE on the AT from there, looping around Crater Lake, visiting Hemlock Pond, and then hiking back to the car. But Blue Mountain Lakes Road was open only as far as the parking area for Blue Mountain Lakes. So, we parked there, and walked east along the closed part of the road, picked up the AT where it crossed the road (where we intended on parking), hiked the AT and Crater Lake trail (orange-blazed) on the western side of the lake, and then headed north on the orange-blazed Hemlock Pond trail to Hemlock Pond, returning to the car via a zig-zag of cross-country ski paths in Blue Mountain Lakes area.

I'm not sure how long it was but it took us a bit over 4 hours (not including lunch).

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The road's closed! [Photo by Laura]

Undeterred with our Yaktrax

Gate across road farther east

Deer tracks were all over

Snow on rock field


Finally, the AT

This is where we should have parked

AT registry

Reading the entries



Long Pine Pond through trees

Frozen pond on AT

Striking cracks

Crater Lake trail looking east

Frozen swamp


Western end of Crater Lake trail

Back on the AT

Clearing our lunch seats


Our lunch spot

View west from AT


View of Crater Lake from western overlook

Crater Lake [photo by Laura]

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Near beginning of Hemlock Pond trail

Hemlock Pond from trailhead

On Hemlock Pond trail

Hemlock Pond

Crack in ice


Hemlock Pond

More hemlocks

Another frozen swamp


[Photo by Laura]


Laura's trusty shoes and Yaktrax

Blue Mountain Lake

Blue Mountain Lake

Blue Mountain Lake

Beavers were here!

Beaver lodge on lake

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