AT east of Culvers Gap

AT east of Culvers Gap, Stokes State Forest (4/26/2008)

In our continuing attempt to hike every inch of the AT in New Jersey and New York, we decided to do an out-and-back starting at the parking area on Route 636. We hiked NE along the AT, glimpsing Kittatinny and Culvers Lakes, and passing the Normanook Lookout Tower, before reaching Stony Brook and turning back. Spring is here, and the bugs were out in droves, making lunch a constant struggle!

This 6-mile hike took us about 3.5 hours. The only challenging part was the steady uphill climb to the ridge near the beginning.

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Trailhead at Sunrise Mountain Road

We're heading for Maine today

Rocky climb to the Kittatinny ridge

Steady uphill

View of Kittatinny Lake to the west

Partial view of Culvers Lake


Hatching larvae

Lethargic bumble bee

View west from ridge


Aerial tower through trees

Aeril tower on ridge

Stony Lake from ridge

House far off to the west

View SW


Our lunch spot

Normanook Lookout Tower

Stony Lake

View west

Someone's inside

Laura and the tower


Laura loves sign-in stations

Signing in

Mountain Goat & Shutterbug ... that's us

Scared spider


Stony Brook



Turkey vultures were in abundance



Culvers Lake

Kittatinny Lake

Macro photography

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