Culvers Gap

Culvers Gap & Stony Lake, Stokes State Forest (10/18/2010)

This is hike #5 ("Culvers Gap & Stony Lake") in Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (1st edition). The fall foliage was near peak in northern New Jersey so I took today off from work to enjoy the colors with my friend Andy. And wow did we find color on the ridge and in the valley! Happily, despite the wind from Saturday, there were still more leaves on the trees than on the ground, though they won't be up there long.

Total distance traveled today was 7 miles in about 4.5 hours. After 7 miles one deserves apple cider donuts and we found delicious ones at Ideal Farm Garden Center on Route 15 in Augusta, New Jersey. I have already eaten three as of this writing. I guess I'll have to go for another foliage hike this weekend.

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The AT

Starting the climb

A keeper

More climbing

Views open to the west

Kittatinny Lake


The peak of the Acropolis trail

Getting our bearings

View west

Strangely, this rocky area ...

... is not a vista on the map

Heading east on the AT

View of Culvers Lake

View west

View to the DWG

Beautiful foliage on ridge


Culvers Lake through foliage

View west

Andy surrounded by yellow

The blaze of the AT

Amazing rock outcrop with west view

View to Kittatinny Lake

View SW

View NW

View west of Stony Lake

Lots of color

The fire tower

Antenna tower

View of Andy and valley from fire tower

View SW from tower

View west

View of Andy


[Photo by Andy]

View west at Tower trailhead

Getting bearings at AT registry

A rocky colorful AT

Lots of leaf drop

On the Stony Brook trail

Bridge over brook

Small brook cascade

Another small bridge over brook

Stony Brook


Gorgeous reds and yellows

Colors on Stony Brook trail

Majestic pines

Carpet of leaves

Color among the pines

Beautiful ground cover

Nearing the lake

Picnic pavillion at Stony Lake

Reflections in Stony Lake

Canada geese bathing

Mushrooms near beach

Stony Lake


Bridge on Stony Lake trail

Stony Brook

[Photo by Andy]

Andy surrounded by color

Fire tower from Coursen trail

Heading west on Coursen

Swamp off Coursen trail

Coursen trail near end

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