Dater Mountain Nature Park
We have only hiked in this rugged little area, tucked adjacent to Harriman in the southwest, only once way back in January of 2006. An examination of the brand new NYNJTC Harriman Trail Map 118 reminded me how concentrated the vistas were for such a small area: four vista stars appear along a circuit spanning only 2.5 miles. Short on time this morning, we decided to revisit this relatively small park and were glad we did! We followed the Hike of the Week for 9/15/2011 as described on the NYNJTC website. Spring is definitely in the air! At two of the vistas I was able to zoom close in to residential areas in Sloatsburg which are starting to burst with color! After at least two weeks of temperatures well above normal, spring has arrived with a blast. Soon the entire forest will be green again.

Total distance hiked today was 2.8 miles in just over 2 hours.

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Trail head ...

... on Johnsontown Road

It climbs right away

Blooming tree!

Orange & Blue intersection


Ramapo Torne in Harriman


Creek crossing


[Photo by Laura]

And more climbing

Ramapo Torne

At first vista

View north to Harriman hills

[Photo by Laura]


View to town of Ramapo

Reeves Visitor Center

[Photo by Laura]


Orange blazes

Blaze on rock

Dater Mountain

Mansion west

Laura and Dater

Communication Towers west




Orange continues north


Fallen blooms ...

... in stream

Heading SW on Blue

Wide path here

Rusty old drum

Blooming swamp

Blaze on ground

In Harriman?

Spring moth

Partial views west

Sloatsburg houses

Heading to ...

... Sleeter Hill

Sleeter Hill

Sloatsburg below

Huge glacial ...

... erratic at vista

Searching for carved graffiti

Taking a break ...

... on Sleeter Hill

View north

Courts in Sloatsburg

[Photo by Laura]

Sloatsburg school

NY Thruway looking south

NY Thruway looking north

Old hook in rock

Glacial erratic

NY Thruway through telephone poles

Color in Sloatsburg

Distance view of water tower

Flag and blooms



More blooms

More color!

[Photo by Laura]

Last vista

Tower SW

Dan taking ... [Photo by Laura]

... this photo

Colorful bug


Shagbark Hickories

Park sign

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