DCSP: Riegelsville-Roosevelt

Riegelsville to Roosevelt, Delaware Canal State Park (7/16/2017)

Last week we hiked high above the Delaware River when we visited the Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary. The views were obstructed by the leaves on the trees, but we returned today to hike along the river below the exact area we hiked last week.

Following Daniela's and Shawnee's route from May, we parked on the New Jersey side (south of the bridge), walked over the bridge over the river into Riegelsville and then proceeded 3 miles north all the way to Roosevelt Recreation area (where all of the bathrooms were now open) before retracing our steps. It's a beautiful walk and you can easily see both the canal and the river at the same time in many spots. The only drawback is the constant sound of traffic from the cars on PA611, which the path follows very closely for the northen mile and a half. One of the highlights occured within the first few minutes, when a magestic bald eagle flew south along the river, right over us, as we crossed the bridge.

Total distance hiked today was just over 6 miles in just under 3 hours.




















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