Delazier Lollipop

Delazier Lollipop, Pequannock Watershed (6/23/2012)

When you hike in an area that requires a permit, you're sure to see relatively few other hikers. Hike on unblazed trails within such an area and you're almost guaranteed to see no one. If you want a feeling of solitude head to the Pequannock Watershed. Ten of our hikes this year have been in this area and we can count on one hand the total nunber of other hikers we've encountered.

Today we parked at the watershed parking spot P5 on the western side of Clinton Road (the 10th edition of NYNJTC Map 116 indicates that P5 is on the eastern side of the road, but this is not currently correct). We headed north on a small stretch of woods road to get to the yellow-blazed Bearfort Waters trail which we took southwest. When the blazed trail made a left turn we continued straight on the unblazed woods road (which is labeled "Delazier Road" on the map). After crossing a small stream we came to a fork (indicated on the map). Planning to do a loop in the counter-clockwise direction we took the right fork, continuing on Delazier Road. But we soon reached a swampy area which was flooded. After perusing the situation for a bit, we concluded that there was no way to the other side. So we backtracked and took the left fork. We continued on this lovely woods road until we met up once again with Delazier Road. We made a right on the road and took this all the way back to the other side of the flooded area from before, intent on finding a passage from that side. And we did! (It was along a narrow patch that wasn't apparent from the other side.) We then continued on the lollipop stick back to the car.

There were actually two nice post-hike surprises. As we had lunch in the car, which was parked facing south on Clinton Road, we saw the long parade of motorcycles come over the dip and pass us heading north on Clinton Road. A bit of Googling makes me conclude it was an event called A Ride for Nicholas. There were easily a couple of hundred motorcycles involved. Then, as we headed south on Clinton Road, a big black bear crossed in front of us and headed into the woods. He was one of the biggest bears we have seen in New Jersey. He was heading towards the Bearfort Waters trail. I wonder if he had a hiking permit! Speaking of Clinton Road, at least one expert maker of Top Ten lists believes that Clinton Road is the road that will scare you the most in the entire world! No kidding! Check it out here!

Total distance hiked today was 5.3 miles in just over 3 hours. As mentioned, a permit is required for hiking in this area, which can be purchased at the office on Echo Lake Road.

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Bicyclist on Clinton Road

Gate at P5

Woods road beyond gate

Interesting blaze

On a pile of bricks!


Bear print in the mud


[Photo by Laura] I slipped on this pipe!

Tiny toad



Tiny eft

Beautiful view to stream

Laura on ...

... Bearfort Waters trail


Wet trail


Pipe in stream

Rock hopping

Laura dwarfed by dead trees

[Photo by Laura]

Flooded swamp

Gorgeous view of swamp

Flooded road

Seems impassable

Heading back

Mountain Laurel thicket

Super tiny eft

Sweet little guy!

Large mine

Spider in his web

Lovely woods ...

... roads


More flooding


Exposed ridge

Tiny mushroom


Downed tree

Very flooded closer to swamp

Swamp from other side

Snake skin

Examining the skin

It's passable on this side


Frog about to jump

Crossing the stream again


[Photo by Laura]

Crack in pipe

Damselfly staring me down!

Rhododendron alley


Green dragonfly


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