Dickerson Mine Preserve
Always on the look-out for new trails we haven't yet hiked, I was reminded of this very new (and still in the works) trail network when our friends Daniela and Shawnee hiked it just two days ago. Ironically, just a week ago we were literally a walk away in Hedden Park. It's amazing how the most densely-populated state in the United States is so packed with awesome hiking trails! And they keep coming, a good many thanks to the members of JORBA.

Parking at the brand new lot on Frank Street we headed onto the White trail in the counter-clockwise direction, taking the Orange trail on long switchbacks down to Minehill Beach. We then continued south on an unmarked woods road (actually labeled "Green Road" on Bing Maps though it is gated and not driveable). At the southern end of the Minehill Beach lake we headed west and then south again along the western bank of the lake in Randolph Park. We continued until we got to the southern tip of a small isthmus and couldn't go any further. We backtracked to the southern tip of Minehill Beach lake and then headed east onto the path which paralleled the powerline cut reaching a nice view to the lake at Randolph Park. This path eventually met up with White which we continued along in the counter-clockwise direction, exploring the gaping shafts of Dickerson Mine, the deepest shafts behind a protective fence. We took White all the way back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was just over 4 miles in 2.5 hours.

And so I turn the page on 2013, another wonderful year of hiking with my dear soulmate Laura. In 2013 I went on 62 hikes: 58 of them with Laura and another four with my awesome friend Andy. According to my multiple hard disks, I must have taken about 10 million photos this year, some of which I have shared with you on these pages. May 2014 be the best hiking year yet!

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Trails start beyond gate

Large new parking area


Colorful beech trees

One of many criss-crossing trails

Partial view over Frank Street


Makeshift lean-to

Partial views over ...

Minehill Beach lake

Amazing stonework on trail

Heading down to ...

... the lake

Road on eastern bank

Minehill ...

... Beach




Ring-necked ducks in lake

Birches on bank

Canada Geese on ice

Mine remnants?

Quarry across lake

Swing platform

Rope for swinging

Quarry buildings

Heading south

Minehill Beach lake ...

... from southern tip

Heading west in powerline cut

[Photo by Laura]

Buildings at Randolph Park lake

Lamington River west of lake

Views of ...

... Randolph Park lake

Lamington River

Heading south

Randolph Park lake from southern tip

Downy woodpecker

Hooded Manganser

Tiny tracks on lake

View south from tip of isthmus

Woodpecker taking off

Tree platform near powerline cut


View to ...

... Randolph Park lake

Hunting platform

Exploratory mine pit

Mine pail

Powerline cut

White heading north

Huge mine pits off White

Intriguing stone structure

Big shaft behind fence

Laura dwarfed by mine hole

Dan dwarfed [photo by Laura]

Party poopers!

Old mine structure

Perhaps a cistern foundation?

Wooden structure on White

Huge mine shaft behind fence

White is paved at one point

Colorful stream

Sandy damage

Stone walls abound here

For maximum head room

[Photo by Laura]

Trail back down to car

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