Dismal Harmony Nature Area

Dismal Harmony Nature Area, Mendham, NJ (9/7/2011)

We took vacation days from work the two days following Labor Day, giving us a five-day weekend. But it rained all of Tuesday and it was pouring when we woke up today (Wednesday). We thought it was going to be a wash-out, but then the forecast indicated a smaller chance of rain after 1 PM. So we decided to hit a trail that wasn't too far from home. This area is only 20 minutes away, and it rained during the entire drive. Miraculously, though, it stopped when we got to the trailhead, and didn't rain a single drop during the next 2.5 hours!

This nature area is an absolute gem! What a surprise! Dismal Brook was roaring after days of nearly constant rain. Using this map, we did the lollipop with the loop in the clock-wise direction. Total distance hiked today was 3.5 miles in less than 2.5 hours.

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The trailhead on East Main Street in Mendham ...

... was the only part flooded

Dismal brook near trailhead

Nice narrow path

Dismal Brook

Swampy area off trail


First bridge over brook

Patriot's Path

Bridle path

Dismal Brook ...

... was far ...

... from dismal

Heading upstream

Large cairn at ...

... intersection with Yellow

Bark of White Ash

Regal old tree

Huge colorful mushroom

Approaching Legend Rock

Laura below

Dan above [photo by Laura]

Legend Rock ...

... a huge rock outcrop

Back to ...

... Dismal Brook


Trail along the bank

1907 graffiti!

Laura loves old graffiti

Dan likes cascades [photo by Laura]

A roaring Dismal Brook

Graffiti photography

[photo by Laura]

View downstream

View upstream, see Laura?

[Photo by Laura]

Abundant ferns

Back to the cairn

Back to second bridge crossing

Look at that rushing water!


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