D&R Canal: East Millstone to Lock 10

D & R Canal State Park, East Millstone to Lock 10 (12/2/2012)

It was very foggy this morning as we drove south to visit the D & R Canal, the first time in over three years. And when we got to the East Millstone access point on Amwell Road, a glorious stubborn fog still hung over the canal adding an ethereal beauty to an already lovely area. With an overcast sky, my favorite lighting for taking photos, I knew I'd be getting some very pretty photos.

Hike #36 ("D&R Canal, Weston to East Millstone") in Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (1st edition) covers a 2.1-mile stretch of the hike we did today. That hike has you beginning in Weston, hiking south to East Millstone, and then turning around. Today we started in East Millstone, hiked north passing Weston and continued past Zarephath all the way to Lock 10 before heading back, with a side trip into Colonial Park on the way back. It seems that the canal path was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy but a yeoman's job was done to bring it back into shape. Dozens of tree stumps now line the way, where large trees used to stand. Before heading home, we grabbed a nice lunch at the quaint East Millstone Antiques & Cafe, within eyesight of the canal parking lot. Doubting they'd have anything substantial for two vegetarians we were amazed to find that the very first two items on the lunch menu were vegetarian (maybe even vegan): a black bean burger and a veggie burger. Laura got the former while I got the latter.

Total distance covered was nearly 7.5 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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Kiosk at East Millstone

East Millstone in the fog

First view of the canal

Our lunch spot is on the right

Heading north

Historic Franklin Inn


Foggy reflections


Two others in the far distance

Awwwww [photo by ?]


Bridge to ...

... Colonial Park


Near the spillway

Millstone River on left

Steps on other bank

Laura de-layers

A misty morning walk


View north

View south


Lots of new stumps

Weston bridge tender's house (1831)


Path north of Weston

View to bridge at Weston

Corn fields west

Misty bridge in distance

Historical building ...

... at Zarephath

Pillar of Fire church

Informational sign about Zarephath

33 miles to Bordentown



Heading north of Zarephath

Corn rows west

Milepost photography [Photo by Laura]

Shy squirrel

Stump near Lock 10

Gears at Lock 10

[Photo by Laura]

Informational sign at Lock 10

Lock 10

Lock 10 tender's house

Water level

Bridge north of Lock 10

View south from Lock 10

Park vehicle heading south on path

Heading back


Zarephath bridge tender's house

View north from Zarephath bridge

Heading back south

Weston bridge tender's house

Blue jay

Downy woodpecker


Gasline cut

31 miles to Bordentown

Informational sign at spillway


Birdhouse west

Bridge to Colonial Park

Sign at Millstone River

On bridge to park

In Colonial Park

Horticulture building

Franklin Inn (1752) [photo by Laura]

Inside East Millstone Antiques & Cafe

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