D&R Canal: Lock 5 to Landing Lane

D & R Canal State Park, Lock 5 to Landing Lane (12/8/2012)

Just like six days ago, this morning was foggy, misty and overcast. And just like six days ago, we headed to the D & R Canal to walk a few more sections of the narrowest state park in New Jersey.

This time we parked at Lock 5 on Easton Avenue and headed as far as we could towards New Brunswick, which is where the operational canal ended. The last stretch no longer exists, but we were still able to walk the towpath all the way to Landing Lane Bridge at the western border of Rutgers campus. During the last part of the walk, with Rutger's football stadium right across the Raritan River on River Road, we were able to follow a live game call-by-call reaching Landing Land Bridge at the end of the first quarter. Today was a spectacular day for wildlife! We saw ducks, gulls, woodpeckers, hawks, herons, cormorants, buffleheads, geese, squirrels and deer. Some of them were quite brave, allowing me a few terrific close-ups!

Total distance covered was about 7.5 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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Lock 5

View SW

View NE

Colorful shed

Damned kids

Parking area from towpath

View NE under Interstate 287

Spillway information sign



Interstate 287 from towpath


Group of ducks in river

Gasline "cut"

Wet net

Canal reflections

Great Blue Heron ...

... across Raritan River

5 miles to New Brunswick

39 miles to Bordentown

[Photo by Laura]

Approaching another spillway

Nice stonework on ...

... spillway surface

[Photo by Laura]

View NW

Near Demott Lane

Access bridge is gone

Elusive hawk

Runners in distance

Black Locust seed pod

Capsized boat across river

40 miles to Bordentown


Squiggly reflections

Inside a Black Locust seed pod

Green at river bank

View west from river bank

Gulls (and ducks in rear) on river

A misty Raritan

On river bank

Gulls aflight

Tiny shell

Buffleheads in river

Masions ...

... along canal

Close-up of Downy Woodpecker

Squirrel with nut

Sandy damage

Heron hunting


Approaching Landing Lane Bridge

Beautiful mansion

At the end!

Landing Lane Bridge

Heading back west

Water drops

Natural and modern

Damned kids

Great colors!

Deer across the river

Two guys, one gal

Another hungry squirrel

Gorgeous cardinal

Sweet couple

Another burst of red

Heading back NW

Raritan on left, D&R on right

Cormorant fishing

Prime real estate

Back under ...

... Interstate 287

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