Dry Run Creek & Rockhopper Trail
Today we headed southwest to visit another preserve in the Sourland region of Central New Jersey.

First using this map, we parked in the small lot on Woodens Lane and took the trail north (blazed blue), through the entire preserve, where we crossed Route 518 and continued following the trail on this map. At a point east of the Lambertville Middle Reservoir (which cannot be seen), we noted a red-blazed trail heading east (not on the map), and made a note of it. A bit further north, another red trail heading east. We made note of that as well. We continued north along blue until we reached the powerline cut. We went north in the cut and then re-entered the woods on the trail maked "Dry-Weather Route" in the map's key (blazed orange in the woods). And it was muddy, but easily passable. Rejoining with blue we headed south back towards the car but decided to explore the red trail heading east. It must be a new JORBA trail because it winds back and forth for two miles, annoyingly at times if you're hiking but a blast if you're on a bike, before finally reaching blue once again just south of the northern intersection. Once back on blue we headed all the way back to the car.

You can see the serpentine trail that is not on the map on our track here. Total distance hiked was 8.1 miles in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

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