Duke Farms (Northeast)

Northeast Duke Farms (7/7/2014)

We first hiked in this gorgeous place in late May. On that day we focused on trails south of the Orientation Center and in the southern part of the park north of Dukes Parkway West. Today, following a series of trails too complicated to list here, we focused on a bunch of trails in the northern-most part of the park. The park was nearly empty today. It was a total delight. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and Laura got me an awesome pair of binoculars to enhance my growing hobby of birding. Armed with my Vanguard Endeavor ED Series, 10.5x45 binoculars, we strolled around the beautiful grounds in the 90 F heat. We finished just after 12 noon and ended up getting a grilled cheese, a veggie wrap and orzo salad in the café inside the Orientation Center called Mallery's Eatery. It was quite good!

Total distance hiked today was 4 miles in just under 3 hours.

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Orientation Center

A Red-Tailed Hawk...

...was perching...

...right above the road

See its red-tail?

Wildflowers abound

Dan on culvert [photo by Laura]


Stream under culvert

Laura below

Wildflowers and waterfall

Turtles sunbathing

Another pair

Bird blind [photo by Laura]

View through blind


...of the old...

...Hay Barn

Turned into statue gallery

Farnese Bull Statue detail [photo by Laura]

Two Brown-Headed Cowbirds

Farnese Bull Statue

Bumblebee on Milkweed

View of greenhouse

Beautiful path


Statues outside

[Photo by Laura]

Inside the greenhouse

Very old growth


View of greenhouses


Immature Eastern Bluebird

Meadow in front of greenhouse

Heading to...

...the Coach Barn

Coach Barn clock tower

Durham Bull Statue

Sign at crossroads


Now in the woods

Very fast White-breasted Nuthatch


Dragonfly Pond

RR Way & Oak Way intersection

Heading into gated Research Woods

Juvenile Finch?

Morning Glory


Old cabin and doghouse

[Photo by Laura]

Informative signs abound


Chipping Sparrow

Blue Jay

[Photo by Laura]

Blue Jay

Views of...

...the Nursery

Back to the Hay Barn

Statue with flower


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