Dunderberg 8

Dunderberg 8, Harriman State Park (9/20/2008)

This 'figure-8' is something I put together after exploring the remains of the Dunderberg Spiral Railway three weeks ago. It begins at the eastern trail head of the historic 1777 trail (there is a dirt parking area on the east side of Route 9W just south of it). Take the 1777 trail west, turning right on the orange spray-painted Jones Road, a road graded to bring supplies to the builders of the railway. Take this road north to its intersection with the blue-blazed Timp-Torne (T-T) trail, making a left onto that trail where a nice climb begins. At its intersection with the Ramapo-Dunderberg (R-D) trail turn right on that trail and then right on 1777, taking that back to the car. We added an additional small leg of the R-D in search for a viewpoint for lunch. While the latest NYNJTC map showed a star just east of its intersection with the 1777, it was hardly a viewpoint, at least not compared to the several on the T-T earlier in the hike.

Total distance covered was 6.2 miles in about 3.5 hours.

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1777 trail head


Peeking chipmunk

Jones Road is still well worn

Jones Road looking south

On the Timp-Torne


Hudson views begin

View of Hudson River looking south


View east

Indian Point right across the river

View NE

View NE

[Photo by Laura]

View south

View east

Cairns on the T-T

T-T cairn

Iron in them thar rocks

Early autumn color


Steep descent on T-T




On the Ramapo-Dunderberg

On the 1777 heading east


A doe ...

... and her baby

Bridge on 1777 trail

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