Dunnfield Creek

Dunnfield Creek, Worthington State Forest (12/8/2007)
This 5.1-mile lollipop hike begins at the Farview/Beulahland trailhead on Old Mine Road. We took the yellow-blazed Beulahland trail to it's eastern end, continuing straight on the red-blazed Holly Springs Trail. At its end, we made a right onto the green-blazed Dunnfield Creek trail which we took southwest all the way to the AT. We made a right on the AT and headed back northeast to the Farview/Beulahland trail taking it back to the car.
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At the parking area on Old Mine Road

On the Beulahland trail

"Come on! This way!"

Felix the hunter; he was a nice guy

The sun kept coming out

Small animal prints


Downy woodpecker


View from the Holly Springs trail

Dunnfield Creek below

Huge blow-down


Crossing Dunnfield Creek

Dunnfield Creek

On the Dunnfield Creek trail

Blow-downs in the creek


Descending on rock stairway


More blow-downs in the creek

Snowball fight!


Bench overlooking creek waterfall

Mushrooms on bottom of blow-down

Creek bridge

One of many Dunnfield creek waterfalls


Looking towards the DWG

On the AT

Water bar on the AT

View of the Gap from the AT


Lunch on the AT

Lichen on Beulahland trail

Houses across the Delaware in PA

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