Western Schunemunk

Western Schunemunk Mountain (4/12/2008)

Two years ago we hiked this double-ridge mountain from the east, climbing the eastern ridge to the Megaliths. Two weeks ago, we hiked it from the northern tip, staying mostly on the eastern ridge, but spending some time on the northern tip of the western ridge. Last week we hiked it from the southern tip, staying completely on the eastern ridge. This time we climbed it from the west, at the Clove Road parking area near the Hil-Mar Lodge. And this time we stayed on the western ridge.

We did a lollipop starting on the Long Path at Clove Road, climbing the western ridge on gradual switchbacks. At the LP's intersection with the red-blazed Barton Swamp Trail, we made a left onto the swamp trail and descended into the hollow between the two ridges. We followed this trail, which crossed Baby Brook several times and ran parallel to it the entire time. At its southern end it intersected with the Long Path. We had lunch near the intersection before taking the LP all the way back to Clove Road. The hike is about 6 miles and offers wonderful views to both the east and west.

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Schunemunk from Clove Road

LP ascends mountain on switchbacks

View west through trees

Rocky LP

View west through trees


First glimpse of the conglomerate


Lonesome little pine on Barton Swamp trail

View east to Hudson River

Stewart International Airport

Hudson River

View east

Slippery conglomerate

Descending into the hollow

Crossing Baby Brook

Swamp trail is narrow in parts

Barton Swamp

Barton Swamp

Protect that camera [photo by Laura]

Mushrooms [photo by Laura]

A still Baby Brook

The first red eft of the season!

Gigantic blow-down

Our lunch spot with view of eastern ridge

Hunk of conglomerate

Climbing a hunting blind

View of eastern ridge


View of eastern ridge

View NW

View NW with Catskills on horizon

Another hunting blind

Gorgeous conglomerate

Giant ant hill

Ants at work

Watch your step!

Nice drop

View west


Wet pine needles

That's me [photo by Laura]

View NW from western ridge


View SW from western ridge

Quarry off Clove Road

Beaverdam Lake

View of hills to SW

Iron ore

Laura taking the next photo ...

[Photo by Laura]

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