Farrington Lake Trail

Farrington Lake Trail, Davidson's Mill Pond Park (11/13/2016)

This was the first of three small areas we visited this morning in Central New Jersey, all within a six minute drive of each other. We hiked this area back in late September of 2014. Back then we hiked the area south of Davidson's Mill Pond. Today we returned to hike the Farrington Lake Trail which heads north, paralleling Riva Road.

Using this map, we parked in the lot (specified on the map) for Davidson's Mill Pond Park, and headed into the forest, taking the Orange trail all the way to its northern end, then headed back to the car. The fall foliage was once again very impressive. I had thought that by now most of the leaves had changed and were mostly on the ground. The majority certainly were, but there was enough color still on the trees to make this a very pretty hike.

Total distance hiked was 2 miles in just under an hour.

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