Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
We spent five days in beautiful Cape May this past week. On the drive down we decided to do some hiking in the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, something I've had on my list to do for some time. But it's distance from home didn't warrant the drive. However, the Brigantine Section wasn't too far off the Garden State Parkway so we broke up the nearly three hour drive south by stopping for a visit. We intended on hiking at least 4-5 miles along the several trails but the unbearable heat and humidity caused us to keep the hiking to a minimum, doing not much more than a mile. In addition we drove the beautiful Wildlife Drive and we were virtually the only car there so we were able to stop, get out, fight the incredibly annoying deer flies, snap a few photos, then hop back into the car in search of another bird.

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Boardwalk at Leeds Eco-trail

Laura looking towards ...

... Atlantic City

Laura gazing at ...

... an osprey nest

Fiddler Crabs! They only have one claw!

Salt marsh

Flying gull


Pointed right at the nest

Brave Bank Swallow

He kept flying by

Now he has two friends

Look at that gaze!

Prints in the marsh

Red-winged blackbird


It's the Pine Barrons after all

Informative signs abound

At end of Leeds Eco-trail

Visitor's Center

First post on Wildlife Drive

Turtle crossing!

View from observation deck

View east

Osprey nest

View south

Atlantic City skyline


Ospreys in nest

And on a post

[Photo by Laura]

Photographing a bird

More ospreys


Zoom in of ospreys

Atlantic City turbines

Monarch butterfly



Oh! Intriguing!


Egret and Ibises

Wider shot of egret and ibises

Boardwalk to ...

... observation deck

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