Friendship Park

Friendship Park, Bloomingdale, NJ (4/21/2012)

We pass this parcel of land nearly every time we head to Norvin Green State Forest after passing through Main Street in Bloomingdale, NJ. I don't know how long this park has actually been open to the public, because the 2011 NYNJTC Jersey Highlands Trails (Central North Region) Map 125 doesn't even show it as park (usually denoted in green) but rather a continuation of the neighboring residential area denoted completely in white. But Daniel Chazin of the NYNJTC found it and wrote a Hike of the Week for it on 5/30/2012. It was this small hike that we followed today, not really expecting to do a hike but the weather was quite nice so we decided to get a sub from a local Jersey Mikes and head up to Bloomingdale to check it out.

It's a pretty little area with currently only the orange loop blazed. But there were at least three well-trodden criss-crossing trails that seemed to be in the preparatory stages of blazing with red ribbons on the trees. The park is surprisingly hilly and affords a pleasant one-hour maximum stroll through an undulating forest.

The described hike is about 1.2 miles but we did a bit more poking around today and logged about 1.5 miles.

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